Sell Car in 3 Easy Steps


There are various reasons which make a person sell their car. It may be because of a financial crisis or may be just because you want a new car or maybe you are shifting to some other place. When you have any junk vehicle or an auto that becomes inoperable or outmoded, you have to find out the service provider, who can buy that car and give the best value for your car. Whatever be the reason behind selling the car, getting cash instantly for your old car is a miracle in today’s competitive world where nobody wants to give a single extra penny to everybody. We don’t say that we will give you everything we have in lieu of your car but we promise that at 1800buymycar we provide you with the best price you can get anywhere for your old car. Additionally, you don’t need to waste time in putting any advertisement, you just need to enter the details of your car and it will take 10 seconds for us to tell you the right value of your car. After that our experts will verify your car and there you are: Your car is sold and you have cash in your hand.

Why Choose Us?


With 1800buymycar you can get same day cash for car in Caulfield. That’s right. We will put cash into your hand today for the sale of your vehicle to us. How much cash depends on the condition of the vehicle. We guarantee that when we make offers, they are reasonable regardless of the make and condition of the car, truck, van, SUV, bus, or 4×4. We are your cash car buyer that puts cash in your hand for the sale of your car to us today.


Can I get my car valued now, but sell later for the agreed upon price?

Yes! If you need to drive your car for a couple of weeks post valuation we can accommodate this. Once you receive your certified valuation from deal for cars (and agree on a price) we will then arrange a convenient location and time for pickup that suits you and your needs.

Are there any strings attached when booking a valuation?

No! You are under no obligation to accept our offer, nor do you have to pay for the valuation. Unlike many of our competitors we will not pressure you into selling if you are not happy with the offer, after decades in the industry we understand the importance of making the right choice when selling your car.

Can 1800buymycar provide valuations on fleet & company cars?

You bet! Our team is experienced in dealing with large and small companies as well as government departments. We can assist in providing an overall quote or for individual vehicles, whatever suits your needs best.

Once my car is sold, how long do I have to wait before payment is received?

Selling to us is very simple! Once we have agreed upon a price, we will transfer you the funds on the same day. When the funds have cleared into your account, we will come and collect the vehicle (giving you peace of mind).

Does it matter if I owe finance on my vehicle?

You can still sell your vehicle to 1800buymycar if you owe finance, however you must obtain a letter from your finance company declaring the balance owing on your vehicle. Once we have agreed on a price, 1800buymycar will pay out the outstanding amount directly to your finance company and give you the remaining amount.

Please note, if the value of what is owing on your car is greater than the value of your car, we can assist you with refinancing.

Do you buy all vehicles?

If your vehicle has done under 180,000 kilometres and is no older than 2002 – we’ll buy it! Please note, we do not guarantee the purchase of every vehicle we inspect due to many variables such as, poor condition, history of accidents, written-off, stolen etc. If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to ask one of our experienced consultants.

Do you purchase cars from everywhere in Australia?

1800buymycar operates Australia-wide, because everyone deserves a fair price! From Melbourne to Brisbane, Sydney to Perth, Adelaide to Gold Coast and (almost) all in-between, we do it!